Thank People Well: Notes We Need To Write

May 14, 2013

As the school year ends there are tons of folks we as Young Life leaders need to thank. My YL Area Director in college drilled three things into our skulls:

1. Pray First.

2. Thank People Well.

3. Always have good breath when doing contact work. 

Who Do You Need To Thank? 

  • Administration 
    • The principal at your school didn’t have to let you come to lunch. Send them a note with a $10 Subway gift card saying ‘Thanks for letting us eat lunch with your kids this year. Enjoy a lunch on us this summer. Sincerely, the Smith Middle Young Life Team” 
  • Athletic Director
    • Remember those free athletic passes your YL team got at the beginning of the year. Think how much $ they saved you. What about a picture of your YL team holding a sign saying ‘We heart Coach Mac’ for the AD’s office?
  • Club/Campaigners Host Homes
    • That family let you have fifty middle schoolers invade their basement. That mom cooked dinner for your Campaigners group more times than you can count. That dad is still repairing the damage from when that sumo-suit put a crater in his garage wall.  I think you can get a 10% off Home Depot coupon at your local Post Office
  • Area Director
    • Being a YL AD is no easy task. Area Directors spend tons of time making it possible for us to be YL leaders. Send them a note of encouragement thanking them for leading well and be specific about how they’ve encouraged you.
  • Spouse
    • If you’re married, make the effort to thank your spouse for allowing you to pursue this calling. What if you gathered some of your high school friends to put on a mini ‘YL club’   for the purpose of celebrating your spouse? Or how about a needed Date Night now that club is taking a summer break?
  • Middle/High School Friend
    • Do you have some kids in your YL club that went the extra mile to help out at YL this year? Model gratitude for them by sending an unexpected note. Print a pic of you with your middle/high school friend and turn it into a postcard
  • Jesus
    • Celebrate this year by thanking the One who made it all possible.  Build an ebenezer. Remember God’s faithfulness!

Who else do we need to thank? 

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