Young Life In Our Shoes: Growing Up As A Staff Kid

January 13, 2013

About a year and a half ago my dear friend Curtis Chesney wrote this post about growing up as a Young Life staff kid. 

After collecting reflections from over one hundred other staff kids, the project has finally become a reality.

As a father of two, I’m grateful for this priceless resource. Reading it was convicting and encouraging. If you are a parent or ever plan on having kids, I highly recommend it to you. If your parents are in ministry, this would make a great gift and conversation starter.

You can read the Forward by Steve Chesney and the Introduction here

You can purchase the book through the online Young Life store for $10.50 + S&H. You can also call Krina at the YL service center at 719-381-1783 and the book will cost only  $8.50 plus shipping. All proceeds stay with Young Life.

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