Campaigner Resource: Peter: Rocked by God

January 31, 2013

Chris Theule-VanDam, Young Life Regional Director for the Western Great Lakes Region (the western half of the state of Michigan along with northwest Indiana), has authored Peter: Rocked by God, with Campaigner groups in mind. This six lesson Bible study series for high school students explores the life of Peter, highlighting God’s faithfulness and the extraordinary way God calls and uses an ordinary person to carry out God’s mission in the world.  From fair-weather follower to a founder of the church, Peter and his story show God’s grace working through our doubts and denials to form us into disciples of Christ.

Chris is the husband to Arika and dad to Zeke.  He is the former Area Director and Young Life Church Partner at EverGreen Ministries (CRC). Chris holds degrees in Christian Education and Biblical Studies from Taylor University, as well as a Master’s degree from Fuller Theological Seminary.

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