The Welcoming Prayer

November 19, 2012

Last week a team of folks in our city set up a 24/7 Prayer room.  Some right-brained ladies did an incredible job of creating a space to connect with God.  The sounds, the lights, the smell, the paint, the different stations of hands-on prayer…all helped usher us into the presence of the Lord.  

Funny how when we make space for God, He tends to show up.

Upon entering the room, I read the prayer below by Father Thomas Keating.  It impacted me deeply and I thought it was worth passing along.

The Welcoming Prayer

Welcome, welcome, welcome. 

I welcome everything that comes to me today 

because I know it’s for my healing. 

I welcome all thoughts, feelings, emotions, persons,situations, and conditions. 

I let go of my desire for power and control. 

I let go of my desire for affection, esteem,approval and pleasure. 

I let go of my desire for survival and security. 

I let go of my desire to change any situation,condition, person or myself. 

I open to the love and presence of God andGod’s action within. Amen.

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