Contact Work Accountability Questions

October 18, 2012

In our YL team leader meeting yesterday our Area Director
asked us to talk through the following questions with our YL teams.

  • How many times was your team at the school this week
  • What ‘outside of school’ contact work was done this week? 
  • How many ‘one on one’s did your team do?
  • What have you done to encourage senior leaders?
  • How are you coming on your camp plan?
  • When and how often did you pray for kids?
  • What new kids did your team meet this week?

After reading through the questions, my initial response was
guilt. I need to be doing more. We need to be doing more.  

I was quickly reminded that

…guilt isn’t from the Lord.

…there’s a clear difference between conviction and guilt.

…we’re called to contact work, not compelled by guilt, but compelled by the love of Christ. (2 Cor. 5:14)

A helpful way to change guilt into motivation is to start on the front-end.  If we know the questions we’re going to ask ourselves at the week’s end, we can more easily create an achievable attack plan.

10 Personal (YL related) Questions To Answer For This Week 

  1. When am I going to spend time with the Lord? What am I going to read? 
  2. When will I spend time praying for my middle/high school friends and my YL team? 
  3. When am I scheduled to plan Campaigners for this week?
  4. What are my responsibilities at club this week. When will I prepare for them?
  5. What are the 3 most important things I need to do with YL this week? 
  6. When will I go to the school this week? 
  7. Where can I meet someone new that might be uncomfortable? 
  8. When will I pursue the 2-3 kids I’m most deeply investing in? 
  9. Who can I call and encourage or ask to go to camp? 
  10. How will I best communicate with our team and campaigners to remind them of our times together? 

You can download a copy of those questions here.

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