Redefining Beautiful: Win Free Books For Your Entire Campaigners Group

August 14, 2012


Through a random drawing we have chosen our winners from last week’s post

Erin Green in Austin, Texas has won as many copies of “A Girl’s Guide To Life’ as you need for your Campaigners group. 

Derek Babb in Wheaton, Illinois has also won as many copies of “A Guy’s Guide To Life” as you need for your Campaigners group. 

Congrats to Erin and Derek. Please send us an email with your address and the # of copies you need.

you’ve been a Young Life leader for any time at all, you’ve likely
struggled with choosing the right resource for your Campaigners group.
For some groups, a simple Bible study will work. For others, a book
study may be better. It just depends on your group of friends, and
sometimes it can take some trial and error. As you gear up for the new
semester, I hope this series of posts will help you find a book that can
be a great fit for your friends in your Campaigners group. -Kristen Baird

This week’s book is just for the ladies’ Campaigner groups. Redefining Beautiful is written by Jenna Lucado Bishop, with help from her dad,  bestselling Christian author Max Lucado. I used this book with my Campaigners group when the girls were sophomores. It was such a success that I would do it again with any new group of girls I may have.

This book focuses on what God says about beauty. The world says a lot of things about beauty. Many of our high school friends can’t go a single day without hearing something about their looks, their clothes, or their beauty in general. Society today makes it really difficult for girls to be happy with the way they are. With her book, Redefining Beautiful, Jenna hopes to change the definition of beauty. She wants girls to learn what beauty is from God’s perspective.

All of our high school friends want a life of peace, joy, and confidence, right? This book will help girls learn what they need to receive that–a personal relationship with Christ. A lot of our high school friends may not have the best relationship with their earthly father (some may not have one at all.) In addition to teaching the truth about beauty, Redefining Beautiful also focuses on the most important  Father-daughter relationship: one with God. Girls will get a clearer picture of what that can look like, and what having that can do for your heart. Jenna reveals that when girls look to God as their Father, He can change their focus, their looks, and their lives.

This book is definitely a favorite for me. It’s the perfect setup for a book study. There are questions within the text and space for the reader to fill in their answer. These questions and answers always sparked great conversation in my group. There are some funny questions that will get the girls laughing and break the ice. Then there are some serious questions that girls will have to be really honest about, and those are the times when change happens.

I hope this book can be a blessing to your Campaigners group. I know it was for mine!

Preview the book HERE. You can order copies HERE.

I’m also happy to offer the SAME giveaway for Redefining Beautiful as we’ve offered throughout the series. One lucky leader will win copies for her entire Campaigners group! Enter by leaving a comment below with your name and city/state. We’ll announce the randomly chosen winner next Tuesday right here on The Young Life Leader Blog.  

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Today’s guest post was written by Kristen Baird. Kristen has been a Young Life leader in Nashville, TN for five years. She led throughout college and is now a career leader. Kristen works in Christian book publishing, and has some awesome resources to share with us for Campaigners studies. Chat with Kristen on Twitter at @KristenBaird.

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