August 16, 2012

Today’s guest post is from Hannah Collins, creator of @TotalYLMove on Twitter.  Many of you have seen the #cardboardtestimony hashtag on Twitter and Instagram this week.  Here’s the vision behind it.


There’s incredible power behind a story. 


We can see it and feel it at Young Life camp when leaders choose to be vulnerable and share those stories. These stories are common threads that connect us to each other. They help us realize we are not alone. And they show us what our God is capable of. 


When we share about the hurt, pain, and brokenness, we allow healing to take place. Cardboard testimonies allow us to acknowledge the death we once experienced, and then immediately proclaim the life we now live in through Jesus Christ. We cannot appreciate the light without dwelling in the dark. But we are now allowed to live boldly and freely in that light, and it is something to be celebrated. 

With that being said I figured why not spread the good news? Because ultimately these stories are not our own. They are a powerful tool that Jesus uses to tell His story. He wants to redeem what was broken. Every cardboard testimony is a tale of redemption. 


He wants us and He wants our stories. Each time the cardboard is flipped we are reminded of His patience, love, goodness, mercy, grace, healing, and so much more. Each piece of cardboard shows us more of our Jesus. Telling our stories really just tells Jesus’ story. And it is my hope that we can fill the newsfeed, the timeline, and every nook and cranny of the internet with glimpses of Jesus. 

Join the movement. Tell your story… so we can tell His story.

Let’s spend this week tweeting out and instagramming pics of our #cardboardtestimonies. Also feel free to share your ‘cardboard testimony’ in a comment below.

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