Young Life International In The United Kingdom: #afterthegames

July 27, 2012

Looking for a fun and easy way to connect your local Young Life to international Young Life? Desire to cultivate generosity in your leaders and kids?  Take a first or next step in helping your leaders or campaigners be a part of reaching every kid everywhere.

Want a way to springboard interest in Expeditions or Developing Global Leaders? Would you be excited to help make a difference in the UK? Interested in a chance to win an iPad 3?

Young Life leaders know that often it’s what happens before or #afterthegames at Young Life International clubs and camps that is most memorable for kids.

As the world sets their sights on the UK and all of the athletes and competitions taking place, perhaps you have wondered if there is Young Life there.   What’s it like?  How’s it going?  And maybe you’ve wondered if there is a way that you could help Young Life International to flourish and make a difference to kids and communities throughout the UK #afterthegames.

In 2000, there were just a handful of leaders in a few clubs and communities in England with Young Life leaders going out to let kids know that they cared about them and that God does, too.  Today, there are over 100 Young Life leaders in 24 clubs and communities from the Thames to Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Welsh villages to Edinburgh and Perth, Scotland, demonstrating and sharing the message of God’s love through Jesus. 

This August, you’re invited to GATHER GIVE GO GLOBAL to help those Young Life leaders continue to make a difference in the lives of over 2,000 kids a year in the UK.

  • GATHER: Everything is more fun, meaningful and makes a bigger impact when we do it together. Gather 5 or more friends, leaders, campaigners, club kids, or adults in your community for an event or just for fun. It can be a chill afternoon or evening or a full blown event.  Register your gathering.
  • GIVE:  Give a one-time donation in the USA or straight to the UK via PayPal and invite your guest to give toward the ministry of Young Life Int’l in the UK to help over 100 YL leaders in 24 clubs and communities in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales continue to share the love of God with over 2,000 kids a year.
  • GO: Want to go serve in the United Kingdom or somewhere else around the world?  Find out about taking a trip with Young Life Expeditions
  • GLOBAL: Have a heart for somewhere in the world and want to connect longer term? Have your group connect with, support, give toward and pray for a Developing Global Leader

Our goal is to have 100 parties and raise $20K.

Maybe you’re already planning on inviting some friends over for your favorite event?  Maybe you could host a party and make it a party with a purpose? Maybe you can’t host a party or go to the UK, but would like to give a donation online through the USA or the UK.



Follow: twitter or instagram: @afterthegames

Host: a Party with a Purpose


This #afterthegames initiative is to benefit not just one area or person in the UK, but will go to making Young Life International possible for kids throughout the UK this year and in years to come.  We hope that you enjoy all the events and news over the next few weeks and that you’ll join with us in helping Young Life leaders bring good news to thousands of kids long #afterthegames.

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