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July 31, 2012



Today’s guest post was written by Kristen Baird. Kristen has been a Young Life leader in Nashville, TN for five years. She led throughout college and is now a career leader. Kristen works in Christian book publishing, and has some awesome resources to share with us for Campaigners studies. Chat with Kristen on Twitter at @KristenBaird.


If you’ve been a Young Life leader for any time at all, you’ve likely struggled with choosing the right resource for your Campaigners group. For some groups, a simple Bible study will work. For others, a book study may be better. It just depends on your group of friends, and sometimes it can take some trial and error. As you gear up for the new semester, I hope this series of posts will help you find a book that can be a great fit for your friends in your Campaigners group. -Kristen

Do your high school friends want to do something for God but don’t know what? They have talents, gifts and passions that are unique to them, but how do they put those gifts from God to good use? Live to Give focuses on finding out what your unique talents, gifts, and passions are and then how you can use them to change the world for Christ.

Live to Give was written by Austin Gutwein, a teenager much like some of your high school friends. He knew what he was passionate about and wanted to use that passion to help AIDS orphans in Africa. So with the helps of his parents, friends and youth leaders he was able to connect his passion with a great need. (Read all about his story here.) Live to Give will help your high school friends figure out how they can do something great for God, too, based on their passions.

The book is based on the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000. One little boy ended up being a huge part of one of Jesus’ biggest miracles simply because he remembered to bring his lunch that day. All he had to offer was a few fish and loaves of bread; it doesn’t seem like much but it was more than enough. Sure, what he had to offer was small, but Jesus did an incredible thing with it! Live to Give focuses on this story, and teaches readers how to find their unique gift (what’s in their “lunch box”), and then how to offer it to God.

This book teaches a message that I know high schoolers need to hear: You are more special than you know, and you can do big things.

Can you think of a few of your high school friends who need to hear that? I sure can!

Live to Give is written in such a way that it is perfect for a small group study (much like Campaigners!). Discussion questions that will help jump start some conversations among your high school friends are included at the end of each chapter.

I pray that if you choose to use this book for Campaigners that it will help your friends discover their God-given passions and talents, and help them put them to good use for Christ. 

Free Book Giveaway

I’m also very excited to offer a giveaway ofLiveto Give, right here on the Young Life Leader Blog! I’d love to give the winner as many copies as they need for their specific Campaigner group (one for the leader, and one for each high schooler). Enter byleaving a comment below including your name, city and state. We’ll randomly choose and announce the winnernext week on the blog.

View a preview of the book HERE, and you can order copies HERE.

I hope Austin’s book will be a blessing to you all!

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