Daddy, Why Are You A Young Life Leader?

June 17, 2012

Most nights after our kids go to bed we find ourselves ambushed with digital temptation. Netflix, Hulu, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Scramble with Friends, you name it, it’s right there begging for attention. Some nights we’re able to break free from the allure of vegetation. Thankfully, tonight was one of those. 

I suggested we spend some time reading and, on the eve of Father’s Day, grabbed a parenting book off the shelf. As a pastor, Young Life leader, and writer, it’s a forever struggle to read for myself. The voices in my head never cease to whisper. 

“This would be great for Campaigners.”

“You should blog about that.”

“Talk illustration jackpot!” 

Well, tonight I think I landed a 2-for-1 special.  The Father spoke to me, convicted me, and encouraged me. He also prompted me with a few words to pass along. 

“God’s desire for parenthood is sanctification-making us more mature, wise, and loving. Parenthood, at its best, drives us to great surrender and dependency on God and uncovers the unique image of God we all bear.” -from “Becoming A Dad” by Stephen James and David Thomas 

Nat and I have a2 yr old daughter and a 3 week old son. The lack of sleep over the past few weeks has been grueling. Why didn’t God make parenting easier? The passage above offered some much needed encouragement. 

I’ve often thought being a parent is all about what I can offer my children and the reality that they need me. The same is quite true when it comes to being a Young Life leader. I’m a leader because those kids need me, right?

God’s hasn’t called us to be Young Life leaders because He needs us to reach kids.  His desire for us is sanctification and intimacy with Him. Being a Young Life leader drives us to great surrender and dependency on our Heavenly Father. In that journey of waving our white flag, He unveils His unique image within each of us, the image of a Father and a Son.

May we daily remember that both parenting and leading Young Life are not so much about God using us, as God loving us

As we pursue our ‘kids,’ 

may we be reminded and convinced 

that we are His kids. 

And that’s why we’re Young Life leaders.

Abba Father, we belong to You.


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