Young Life Pinterest Party

March 16, 2012

This guest post was written by Julia Hartsell, lover of corndogs and Young Life staffer in Charlotte, NC.

The How’s & Why’s of a YL Pinterest Party

“It’s like twitter for OLD PEOPLE!!”
-Quote from high school girl at campaigners.(4 months ago)

OMG I LUVVVVVVVVVVV PINTEREST I’mfollowingyouwillyoufollowme howcomeyoudon’tpinmoreoftenOMGit’smazing
-Quote from aforementioned high school girl (present day)

No school=no club for most areas and schools, but don’t let that night just be an “off night.” Use it to do something with kids that is out of the ordinary, makes memories, allows you to continue to build relationship, and can help build community among your high school friends. Also, these “not really Young Life Club” nights are crucial for getting kids that have never been to or refuse to come to YL a chance to come to something less intimidating.

One route is having your team/school have guy and girl nights. I am a girl, so I bring hardly any good suggestions of what a man night could and should consist. But recently I stumbled into a great girl night idea that makes “craft night” no longer sound like an elementary school flashback.

PINTEREST PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


High School girls are jumping onto Pinterest like crazy. Whether you realize it or not, they are probably following you and re-pinning all your “cool and older mature/creative/thrifty/hipster” DIY’s (makes you think twice about your recent pin of Ryan Gosling huh…..Don’t pretend like you didn’t pin that.

Why not choose a couple simple crafts and recipes and give them space and opportunity to actually engage in doing these things? One of the most beautiful opportunities we have as caring adults is to teach kids something they’ll remember. Even if it is a glittery frame that seems destined for a future yard sale, yet somehow seems to stay on her shelf even after she graduates.


Make a Pinterest Board on your own account dedicated to this night and go and stalk all your high school friends DIY/Craft boards for things they are already wanting to make, pinning the ones that are doable for a fun night like this. Here is what I made.
Use Facebook (whether you have a YL Group, make an event, or just post on your on wall) and COPY THE LINK OF YOUR BOARD to the event. That way they can click on it and see what you are planning to bring materials to make. FYI There are tons of crafts using old t-shirts and thrift store finds so you won’t be taking out a loan to go to Michael’s. Invite them to add links to pin’s they want to make, then add them to your board.

Ask your girls to bring materials as well! Especially if there is a specific pin they want to try, whether recipe or craft. Tell a few girls you are close with to bring all their crafty supplies, glue, scissors, and NAIL POLISH. (there are hundreds of pins with awesome nail polish tricks)

Other important pieces: plan to make snacks, tweet about the night, make a Tay Swift playlist, put down newspaper (especially for glitter!), plug up hot glue guns, and craft your heart out! #allidoispin

2 Things I Wish I Would Have Thought Of

Consider asking mom’s (or that friend you are trying to convince to lead YL) help you come clean up…or plan to clean up for a while- crafting gets crazy.

Bring several computers so they can click on the pin they are going to make (make sure there is internet at your location). OR (wish I would have done this) Print out the directions of the crafts. This helps because some girls are like me, not crafty, so they want to try but just don’t know what to do. Keep your eyes out for them and help them.

Closing Thoughts
Our Pinterest Party tonight reminded of the beadbarn/craft shack at YL summer camp: a place I would have never chosen to go as a high school kid, but a place I will now run to and make my 18th duct tape wallet if it means sitting there with a girl who is more comfortable talking about her life because she’s doing something with her hands.

Run to the craft table, grab some of those “anti-YL, but I like you” girls, make your house keys glittery. But, please, don’t forget that what you are really making goes beyond hot glue and buttons. You’re making an investment of time, energy, and probably money into girls lives. Not solely for the sake of them knowing that you care about them, but because you will eventually get to tell them how much more Jesus cares.

Thanks Julia for sharing! This incredible Pinterest music video below comes to us (I believe) from Lindsay Frail, Eve Sarrett, & a quite rhythmic guitar case drummer in Tennesee. Here’s a direct link. It’s a great idea to use as an invitation for a Campaigner Gals overnight.

Any ideas that you might add to a YL Pinterest Party? Please comment below.

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