12 New Year’s Resolutions For Young Life Leaders in 2012

January 1, 2012

A few days ago I tried to write a serious/humorous combo post for today, the first day of 2012, on 12 New Year’s Resolutions that we as YL leaders could make in 2012. My futile attempt crashed and burned, more so fizzled out…I tried to come up with twelve good ones, but only got seven that were halfway usable.

Can you help a brotha’ out? Please comment below with other ideas we can add to the list.

12 New Year’s Resolutions For Young Life Leaders in 2012

1. Pray by name through the entire high school yearbook.

2. Start a blog about how awesome it is to wear Chacos every day, even if you are a YL leader in Fraser, Colorado and it’s -15 outside. Frostbitten toes are a great conversation starter with high school kids.

3. Read “Dance, Children, Dance” the story of Jim Rayburn, the founder of Young Life.

4. Meet at least two new high schoolers/middle schoolers each week for the entire semester and remember all 40 names.

5. Go all out straight ree-dic-u-lous kra-kra-zee making a video for the Run-on characters that goes viral on YouTube.

6. Be disciplined to prepare for all club talks at least one full week in advance, marinating in the scriptures and allowing it to have personal impact before sharing it with high school/middle school friends.

7. Hold nothing back and do a Good Morning Young Life video waking up the PRINCIPLE of your school.

8. ???

9. ???

10. ???

11. ???


HELP A BROTHER OUT with more YL Leader New Year’s Resolution ideas and comment below… Best ideas win Twitter shoutouts. Be sure to include your name, city, and twitter handle if you have one.

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