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November 14, 2011

If you are new to The Young Life Leader Blog, welcome!

This site is designed to be a resource and community where Young Life Leaders around the globe can share ideas and encourage one another. The YLLB began almost a year ago and has almost 150 posts. If you’re new, that’s a lot to catch up on. To make it easier, here is a link to the most popular posts on the blog. And here’s some backgroundon how The Young Life Leader Blog was born.

If you would, please take 3 seconds and click the survey to your right. You can also make a comment on the Spikeball Post”directly below before this Wednesday (Nov. 16) and be entered for a chance to win a FREE Spikeball set ($50 value).

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Please leave comments below with any suggestions as to how this site can be more helpful to you. Glad you’re here!

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