Hilariously Random Music For Club

November 9, 2011

Andy Thompson, volunteer leader in Colorado, recently submitted this hilariously random website to be shared on the YLLB:http://parrygripp.com/Andy writes, “The website has been making a silly song each week since 2008. It’d be a great resource for background music for various mixers and minutes games. Maybe even walk-on music, I haven’t looked at all of them. Some would make hilarious performances by kids at an open mic night or something. Songs are free on the webpage, on itunes for a dollar.Classic songs like:Last Train to Awesome Town
Everyone Loves Doritos
This is the best burrito I’ve ever eatenThis site is far too awesome for YL leaders to not know about.”

Thanks for sharing Andy!

What websites are helpful to you in YL? Please share in the comments below.

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