Leading Young Life As A New Mom With Cancer, Part 2

July 28, 2011

A Guest Post By Amy Patwa DiBias
Part 2, Continued From Yesterday.

Follow up from camp has been unreal.
I’m one of only of two leaders in town right now so I’ve been meeting with kids three days a week for breakfast and bible study. The other leader and I have been having Sunday night campaigners too. These kids travel a lot and we weren’t sure who would show up for these mornings but it felt worth it to have it. I’ve been so excited about the kids coming…a handful haven’t even missed one. Parents have been super gracious with hosting and making breakfast. And kids have been so kind with me as I’ve shared more of my story. Since I’m in the midst of more tests and a biopsy, it’s been natural to share with them what’s going on. The more I’ve been willing to trust them with my story, the more comfortable I’m feeling around them. Even physically. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed by how I look, nor do I feel like I have to explain myself to them. I’ve seen God do some redeeming already.

This week I’ve had to cancel two of our mornings due to doctors’ appointments. I came home from my most recent appointment to a poster and stack of cards from the kids. They had gotten together on their own to pray for me and make these cards. It brought me to tears. I think we under and over estimate what kids can handle and I’ve been underestimating their ability to walk through this with me. Just like my family and friends, they don’t have to “get” me or say the right thing. I’m seeing God use me as I let kids into this. It’s life. It’s living life together. I think it’s probably what Jesus is calling me to. And probably a lot of what Jim Rayburn had in mind.

I will start this school year off bald again because I just found out this week my cancer has come back. I’m fairly confident it’s not going to keep me away from football or field hockey games. As long as God calls me, I’m going to go where the kids are and let them into my life.

You can read more of Amy’s story at her blog.

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