You Know You’re At YL Camp When…

June 27, 2011

We just returned from an amazing week at Sharptop Cove. After one of the leader meetings, a few of us came up with the list below. Feel free to add to it in the comment section.You Know You’re At Young Life Camp When…

  • You can’t start your day without Honey Nut Scooters and CoCo Roos.
  • Everything you own is somewhere between damp and soaking wet.
  • Most of your energy is spent protecting Timmy, the Summer Staff Lifeguard, from your 10th grade girls.
  • You realize your girls just convinced you to spend $10 in the craft shack getting a feather in your hair.
  • The first three minutes of your fifteen minutes of silence is spent trying to get that new Bieber song out of your head.
  • You begin to actually like the combination smell of Axe Body Spray and wet socks.
  • The towel exchange is the highlight of your day.
  • You begin expecting dessert at every meal… and wondering why your pants won’t button by day 4.
  • The camp speaker doesn’t walk out of club after his talk. No, he crowd surfs.
  • You realize there’s over $10,000 worth of Chacos on property.
  • You catch yourself and another male leader singing Taylor Swift in the shower.
  • Western night is merely a chance to show your guys you don’t need charcoal on your face since you can actually grow a stache.
  • You get tendinitis in your elbow from those 27 holes of Frisbee golf you’re playing each day.
  • You don’t bother washing your feet in the shower, since the shower is actually a swamp puddle of mud, hair, and wet boxers.
  • You’re wearing a braided bandana on your wrist. Hmm.

What would you add?

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