“Total Young Life Move”

June 23, 2011

There’s a pretty hilarious Twitter account out there that all Young Life leaders need to follow. It’s call “Total Young Life Move” and you can follow it@totalYLmove on Twitter.

Here is a little sampling from their Twitter feed:

“Changing inappropriate lyrics for club tunes.”

“Spending all afternoon learning the rap part of Stuck Like Glue so I can sing it at club.”

“Could you bring 15 dozens eggs to the costumer service desk please.”

“I caught myself spelling “wild” as “w-y-l-d.”

“I haven’t bought a t-shirt in 4 years. Coincidentally all of my current t-shirts happen to be YL shirts.”

“Rocking chacos at a formal event. heyohhhh!”

“I washed so much chocolate syrup, whipped cream and ice cream out of my hair tonight.”

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