An Email From Andy: One of the Scariest Parts of Being a YL Leader

May 14, 2011

When I checked my inbox this morning, the subject line for the top email was “Car Wreck.” It was from my friend Andy who is a YL leader at the school where I led last year. My stomach tightened.

I clicked on the message and began reading about a wreck two of my high school friends were in last night as they were leaving the final club of the year. Airbags deployed and despite the absurdity that the driver was NOT wearing a seatbelt, both guys were mostly all good. 

Andy went with the guys to the hospital and sent the email at 3:43AM when he finally got home. Along with the run-down of the details, he also included some reflections on the incident that I felt were worth passing along.


-While his dad was out of the room, Shawn (who was driving) told me he was not wearing a seat belt and didn’t know if Justin was. If the airbags had not deployed, or the timing was just moments different, or…, or…or… Shawn & Justin might be in very different situations right now. I didn’t want to push the issue at the time, but I will be having a serious talk with him about seat belts.

-That fact that Shawn was dismissive of his arm injury (which turned out to be more serious after examination) reminded me of the need for us to give real attention to the way kids are hurting. Yes, physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. There are ways that I hurt emotionally or spiritually–but in spiritual or emotional maturity we are attuned to recognize the symptoms of something greater at work in us. The youthfulness of our high school friends, though exhilarating, also renders them inexperienced in understanding the significance of ways they are hurting. They may see a bump or bruise and brush it off as “no big deal,” when in reality they may be broken and just don’t know it yet.

-After a night putting on a great show (the last club) and bonding with the kids, God remains sovereign. I once heard a quote that went something like, “Just when we think God relies on our talents, He has a way of reminding us just who needs whom.” Or something like that.

-Anyway, I just know that accidents like this can sometimes cause kids to take a hard look at life. I don’t know what God would have these guys learn, but I think maybe Shawn was trying to figure it out. I’ll be praying that God reveal it to them, and I ask you all to pray as you feel led as well.

Good stuff Andy.

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