Looking for a Summer Internship?

Pete Hardesty March 2, 2022

More and more we are seeing college students who WANT to go on Summer Staff but NEED to do an internship. We can help them solve this dilemma. Utilizing Summer Staff as an internship will take our summer staff experience to the next level…” –Cat Ryden, Divisional Coordinator for YL College, Central Southern Division

“I really have to do an internship this summer.”

Have you ever considered doing Young Life Summer Staff and then hit the roadblock of having to do an internship? It seems like unpaid internships (free labor for companies) have been increasing each year and now they are hyper-competitive due to COVID shutting many internship opportunities down. 

More often than not, the Summer Staff experience has all the required components of an internship. And so much more! We know how special this experience is. Discipleship, sacrificial service, leadership growth, supervisory skills, a front-row seat to many kids deciding to follow Jesus, hard work, teamwork, team building, community, and much, much more are all part of this adventure.

Summer Staff can most likely count as an internship for an employer, university, program, etc. 

We need to be flexible. Creative. Innovative. And take the initiative.  

So here’s the plan:

STEP 1:   Find out exactly what is required by your internship program.

Requirements vary greatly from school to school, job to job, and program to program. Some have almost no requirements and some have stringent standards.

STEP 2:  Check out this guide along with your YL staff person and see if you together, with integrity, can craft the Summer Staff experience and description to fulfill the requirements of the internship.

STEP 3:   If there is a specific job that would help with the internship requirements, request that job by working with your staff person. They can potentially call the camp and the summer staff coordinator. (no guarantees, but make sure that the camp knows that this is a factor)

You could have the experience of a lifetime on Summer Staff!

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