Christmas Contact Work Ideas

Young Life Leader December 1, 2021

With Christmas fast approaching, your Young Life team may be scrambling for some last-minute ideas before the holiday break. Here are some fun and festive suggestions for Christmas contact work!

Christmas shopping

Need to grab presents for loved ones? Don’t go alone – bring your high school friends. Great opportunity to hang one-on-one and ask them about what they do for the holidays, what Christmas means to them, etc. Bonus: treat them to coffee or dinner afterward to thank them for their assistance.

Wrapping presents

Why stop at shopping? Ask kids to come over and help you wrap your presents. Make a competition out of it. Or offer to wrap presents for your Area Director or anyone you know who has young kids and may need an extra hand!

Movie night

Rent some classic Christmas flicks such as: The Santa Clause, It’s A Wonderful Life, The Grinch, Elf, etc… Pop some popcorn and make hot cocoa!

Christmas-themed Campaigners

Talk about the birth of Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas today.

Christmas-themed club OR party

SO. MANY. IDEAS. Ask kids to wear an ugly sweater. Have a gingerbread-house making contest. Do skits involving marshmallows, or have kids wrap each other in wrapping paper. Do a low-key gift exchange. Sing Christmas songs. Write a hilarious run-on involving reindeer or elves or something. Again, talk about the miracle of Jesus!


Invite kids over to bake cookies/brownies, etc… A fun and yummy way to chill in a small group setting. Bonus: your house will smell amazing.

Pay it Forward

Grab one or two kids to do something nice for strangers. Maybe that’s helping out at your local soup kitchen, baking cookies for your local fire department/nursing home/police station/etc., or dropping off clothes at the Goodwill. Make Christmas cards and deliver them. Do something good for your neighborhood!

Candy Cane Drop-off

Bring candy canes to lunch/dismissal and pass them out to kids you don’t know.

There you have it! All easy and affordable ways to bond with kids you have relationships with and those you don’t. Happy holidays! Have other holiday contact work ideas? Email them here!

Written by Demi Nicolle, volunteer leader in Indiana, PA. Originally shared December 2017.

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