Hilarious Club Game: “The Spit-Take”

Katy Barclay October 21, 2021

You need:

  • a bottle of water
  • three pieces of paper
  • with ten different pick-up lines on each piece of paper.

Pick one girl and three guys to come up front for the game, and ask someone else to keep score.

The game is played girl versus guys. The guys’ goal is to make the girl laugh with his pick-up lines.

Each guy is handed a paper with ten pick-up lines, and they form a line in front of the girl.

The girl is handed a water bottle and instructed to take a big gulp at the beginning of the game.

Her goal is to not crack a smile, giggle, or laugh at the guy’s pick-up lines.

The guys deliver their pick-up lines one at a time, going to the back of the line after each turn until all the guys have read all of their pick-up lines.

Scoring: For each “spit take” (each time the girl laughs and spits out water) the guy gets one point.

The guy with the most point is the winner.

If the girl doesn’t laugh at any of the pick-up lines, she is the winner!

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