How Charlotte Young Life Leaders Saved The Prom

Hector Garcia May 19, 2021

When the pandemic canceled high school proms in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Young Life leaders came to the rescue. This coming Friday night, May 21, Young Life will host the first ever “Meck Gala!”

Adam Riley, Young Life staff in Charlotte, was recently interviewed by the local news.

“Let’s try to give them back what they didn’t have the last two years and try to make something normal out of this pandemic and the past 14 months. The schools that we reach out to just remind us of how we came up and we want to be to them what we didn’t have growing up. Seeing the joy on our kids’ faces, seeing them out there on the dance floor, mingling, intermingling, interacting with people they’ve never seen before, interacting with people who may not look like them…just a beautiful picture of heaven, in a way.”

Adam Riley

Josh Harding, a high senior, told the news, “It’s just very heart-warming to know that they care enough to go out of their way and combine all of us (high school students from CMS school district) and to give us the night we all wanted.

Check out the full interview here.

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