Fall 2021 Starts NOW

John Byard May 27, 2021

Now is the time to dream about the Fall. As leaders, we are called to lead with hope and belief. As leaders, we peer into the future and lead to what will be. Dreaming about the Fall starts by leaning into the Spring and Summer. If we wait until the fall to “restart,” it will be too late. 

FIVE “S’s” for your Spring/Summer

Social Media

Most of us have become good at virtual this or that, but many of us have been using social media poorly. Consider how you go after relationships with new students this spring. Students are hungry for connection and they are smart enough to want real connection. Here are three ideas to implement right now with social media. 

  • Find and follow all the upcoming freshmen you can. Don’t wait for them to follow your YL page, you add them! Take the initiative, be proactive. 
  • Slide into those DM’s. That’s right, any students who likes your post, start a conversation. Conversations turn into real relationships. 
  • PLEASE stop post infographics and leader bios. It’s about them, not you, so post pictures of people not ‘commercials about your next thing. 

Shared Adventure

You and a student or two do something together that’s fun! The list is endless so be a dreamer and think about what is possible. Obviously, follow local guidelines as it relates to Covid, but also think about outside the box. Take some time to come with a plan and give it a try. Here’s a fun road trip idea to get the ball rollin’!

Small Groups/Campaigners

Invest now in the kids who are believers and start talking about the fall! Explain to them the idea of Missional Community. We are growing together, but we also have a mission to accomplish. Let’s go after our school for Christ! Help them to see the future. 


I believe that when we enter the Fall of 2021 we will have to look around and see who is still around, as it relates to our leadership teams. So let’s start rebuilding our teams NOW! Plan a “new leaders night” at the end of the spring or this summer. Dream about a “big event” where you can welcome new leaders into your area or on your team. Then work backward and start a great leadership training class. Invite everyone and lead them to a place of giving their life away for Jesus. Your investment now will make the fall of 2021 possible. 


Should you still be doing this? Are you still called? Make no mistake the fall of 2021 will be a complete restart of many areas and clubs. There will be little to build on it will be hard to restart. Are you up for it? Don’t get me wrong, I am for sure not saying “now is the time to quit,” but I do want us all to realize that while the future is filled with hope and exciting new opportunities, it will also be difficult. Make sure you are ready for the battle that lies ahead.

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