“Deeper In Christ” with Genaro Lawhorn

Genaro Lawhorn January 20, 2021

G comes to us from the woods in Atlanta, GA to bring us another edition of Deeper in Christ. We hear his perspective on a Young Life leader favorite- the story of Jesus calming the storm. What we need to focus on right now is not the storm, it’s the hope in the midst of the storm. 

There are a lot of things going on that could be the main story, but those things aren’t the story. As G phrases it, “The storm isn’t the story, hope is.” We know we are going to get through our struggles because we have hope. 

“Remain hopeful, because God is with us in this moment, in this process”. -G

What circumstance do you need hope in right now? Who is someone in your life you can encourage and give hope to? Let us know by emailing us!

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