Pedal with a Purpose: This Young Life leader is biking 11,000 miles to raise money for Capernaum

August 6, 2018

Matt Broshat is a Young Life Capernaum leader in Minneapolis, MN and this Wednesday he departs on a crazy adventure. 

Over the next six months, Matt will be pedaling with a purpose, riding 11,000 miles to raise $25,000 for Young Life Capernaum- Minneapolis. His solo ride will begin in Portland, OR and pedal clockwise around the entire perimeter of the United States.

Matt grew up in Minneapolis and first became involved with Young Life as a sophomore in high school. Eight years ago, as a teenager, he hesitantly joined a buddy and his twin brother to spend a week of summer camp at Crooked Creek. They loved it so much that the next summer they went to Windy Gap and then ended up doing Work Crew at Lake Champion. Two Summer Staffs (Lost Canyon and Malibu) and an internship later (Timber Wolf Lake), Matt started leading with Young Life Capernaum. 

Matt describes his time with YLC this way, “I have been leading for three years now and have to tell you, these students with disabilities are not at all limited in the way they love and care for people!” Matt’s love for those kids, along with his love for biking, led to this bucket list experience becoming a reality.

While many bikers attempt the ride across the US, Matt describes himself as a quirky guy, so he’s going around the entire perimeter. For a guy that wore a mullet wig at his college graduation and has rocked a real mullet at his professional job, biking the perimeter only seems natural.

Matt explains the bike ride this way, “God has used Young Life to impact my life. I met the Lord through the mission. My two brothers and both parents have also been influenced by the ministry. I want my Capernaum friends to be moved by the gospel. These students deserve a right to hear the good news and experience ‘the best week of their lives.’ All of the money that this ride raises will go directly to making that happen.”


To learn more about Matt’s adventure or to donate, visit You can also follow along on Instagram: @Bikerbroshat. And if you live along the perimeter, and have a couch to share, you can contact Matt here.

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