A Letter To Leaders Who Helped Your Friends Raise Money For Camp

June 22, 2018

Dear Young Life leader who helped me fundraise for camp,

Thank you! More than you’ll ever know. I know you have better things to do than to sell coupon books door to door with me. I know you’re tired of washing cars and waking up at 4am for yard sales. I know you’re probably tired of my mom always calling you asking how we’re possibly going to raise all that money for camp. I know you have to be exhausted. And I know I rarely say it to your face, but thank you.

We’re going to camp together next week and I can’t wait. You told me it’s going to be the best week of my life, and although I’m not quite convinced yet, I do trust you. I trust you because you don’t just tell me you love me with your words. I trust you because you are there for me. You’ve been with me. You were right there beside me when we about sweated to death moving that furniture. You worked even harder than I did when we had to pull those weeds for three hours in the blazing heat. You even sent letters to your own friends asking them to send in money to help me go to camp.

Why would you do that for me?

Why would you love me like that?

I know it has something to do with this guy Jesus you keep talking about. I don’t know him, and I’m not sure what I really believe about him, but I’m guessing if he’s anything like you, I’d probably like the guy. Maybe I’ll even meet him next week at camp? Who knows?

Maybe he’ll change my life like he’s changed yours. Maybe one day I’ll actually be able to impact others’ lives like you’ve impacted mine. I sure hope so.

Are we seriously riding on a bus together for thirty-two hours? Thirty-two? I can’t wait!



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