Family Feud Club Questions & Answers

April 12, 2018

Have you ever done Family Feud club? 

Manny Ruan, a Young Life leader at Canyon Lake High School in Texas, shared with us some Family Feud questions and answers (download below) that his YL team collected from a Google survey.

Download FF Q’s & A’s

Here are the details from Manny:

  • We came up with random questions, some of them had to do with the area our high school is in, but many questions were generic so anyone could answer them. In the Word doc above, the number next to the answer is how many people responded with that same answer.
  • Our team made a Google survey and posted these questions and then sent them out to our friends, other leaders on social media and we received over 100 responses. When we began we took only the 100 first answers and picked out the top 6-7 answers and that’s what we would use when it came down to start playing. 
  • The kids arrived to club and we put them into “families.” We went with 5 people per team but you can adjust that to the number of kids that show up to Club.
  • Once the game started we got two “families” up there and just like Family Feud we lined them up side by side and had one contestant from each side go towards the middle and our host “Cleve Blarvey” would read the question. We had a leader stand with her hands out as the buzzer and kids would slap their hand and whoever was first (according to the leader) would answer and essentially the rules followed the same, 3 X’s, other team could steal once the other team got their 3rd X, etc… 
  • For our club we did two rounds per family, so one question was read we went through all the strikes and then another person from the family would step up for question 2. After two questions we would get two new families up there and do it all over again with the next two questions. We did it this way to involve as many high school friends up on stage and at the end of every round the family that won would get some candy.
  • We had a large whiteboard where one of our leaders was running our scoreboard. She already had all top 6-7 answers on a paper so our host would reiterate the answer given and point up at our leader and if it was on there she would write it down. Of course you could probably do this on a laptop/PowerPoint and have it slightly more tech advanced, but our kids thought this was hilarious, so it worked for us.
  • Oh and don’t forget the buzzer sound. This will get the whole club room rowdy and yelling when someone gets an X. We just had an app on our phone connected to our speaker.

Here’s an example question form being used by Richardson, TX.

How to make Family Feud Keynote slides.

Family Feud Club Ideas from

Additional questions you can use from

And here’s a pic of YL staff folks, Matt and Leslie Sloan (Asheville, NC), when their fam competed on The Feud a couple years ago!

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