How To Tell Young Life Stories On Social Media

November 15, 2017

Earlier today, Ryan Ahlwardt (Area Director, Hamilton Southeastern Young Life) & Alex Lewis (Young Life Digital Marketing Specialist) led a “Storytelling on Social Media” webinar via Facebook Live. They explained why storytelling on social media is important in Young Life, what good stories look like, and how to tell these stories well.

You can watch the 1-hour webinar here.

Below is a breakdown of what was highlighted:

Why is storytelling important in Young Life?

  • Everyone is already wired for storytelling
  • Every day, we get to share the greatest story ever told
  • Not having an effective storytelling strategy is a recipe for mediocrity and stress
  • You are the Chief Storyteller for your club or area

What do good stories look like?

  • The best stories are out there; you just need to capture them
  • We’re not the heroes; we’re the guides
  • Character, Problem, Plan, Result
  • Clarity and brevity win. If you confuse, you’ll lose.

How do we tell these stories well?

  • Knowing the Gospel
  • Knowing our audience
  • Knowing our stage
  • Take off the handcuffs!

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