100 Dance Party Moves For Your Young Life Club

July 28, 2017

I recently saw this video and thought it could be used in a few different ways with Young Life. 

  • Have it playing as kids enter club with a couple folks on stage mimicking the dance moves
  • Play it at Campaigners the week before you have an 80’s Dance Party at club to get kids ready for the dance
  • Hold a pre-prom dance lessons event where skit characters team some of these dance moves. Don’t actually use the video above, but use the audio from it and have live folks doing the dance instructions.
  • Play the first minute of the video and then turn it into a game. You could bring a couple kids on stage to compete using different dance moves, in much the same way the game Encore is played with songs using a specific word. They would just go back and forth with different dance moves until someone repeated the same move. Include the rule that they can’t do a move if the move doesn’t have a name.
  • You could also use it as a mixer and do the same game just using groups instead of individuals.

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