Spring YL International Weekend: March 31st at Frontier Ranch

February 17, 2017

Written by Kaitlin Chaffin, Young Life Staff Associate in Singapore.

Could God be calling you to International ministry?

When I got on the plane to come to my IIW, I was clueless, but oh so curious. I knew the Lord had been stirring a desire for more in my heart, but I wasn’t quite sure what the ‘more’ was and I definitely wasn’t sure that I wanted it to come at the cost of the comfortable life I was living. So, I signed up for IIW. Not because I thought I was actually going to go do ministry internationally, but because I thought just by going to check it out I could appease God and go back to the happy life I had in Tennessee.

He used the weekend to challenge and affirm and remind me all over again that His ways are not ours. I met people who were sure and confident that they were meant for YL International. I also met people just as unsure as me. I met people who had been doing international ministry for longer than I had been alive. But, all the people I met were fun and brave and running really hard after Jesus–longing for more. I left the weekend more unsure than ever before–was God really wanting me to do this international thing?! I can’t speak a different language! I’m not qualified to talk about Jesus full time! Is my passport even still valid?!

Someone along the way told me to just keep walking through the next open door. Y’all, I don’t know where you are or what your life is like, but if the Lord is stirring something inside you it isn’t for no reason. He wants more of you. I can say, without hesitation, that international ministry (and the entire process leading up to getting to Singapore) has been the most challenging, faith-testing season of my life. But, watching Jesus show up the way he does made and continues to make every step infinitely worth it. I met some of my best friends at IIW (we actually ended up coming to do ministry in the same place–bonus!), I met people who decided international wasn’t for them, but I think we would all say that we are closer to Jesus because we took the small step of faith that started with IIW.||

Interested in learning more about the Spring international information weekend (March 31) at Frontier Ranch?

Click here OR contact Alison Spindor at (800) 330-0628.

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