Flapjack Fridays

December 9, 2016

Written by Lindsay Hancock, YL Staff in Wayne Co, NC.

This semester we started “Flapjack Fridays” with the girls from Wayne Country Day School. Every Friday I get up extra early and make a zillion pancakes (chocolate chip & regular) and a gallon of sweet tea for girls. If you’ve never had sweet tea with your pancakes…don’t. It’s weird. 

Around 6:50 AM the door opens and my kitchen fills up with all grades of girls laughing and talking and being girls. I didn’t know if it would last, but it has become the thing they are most excited about in the week. 

While we eat, we ask a question of the day and spend time checking in with each other. Then, we open the bible and talk about Jesus. Before they leave they spend a ridiculous amount of time making a notecard with a bible verse to put in their locker. We pile in the car and I get to take them to school – often while they sing songs in Spanish (they have one due every Friday). 

Oye Como Va.

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