YL Pray 24-7

October 2, 2015

A guest post from the YL Pray 24-7 Team.

Next Tuesday, October 6th, is a mission wide day of prayer. The YL Pray 24-7 team is inviting all leaders and staff to spend one hour in prayer. There are over 2,000 members on the prayer team (and thousands more with access to the YL Pray 24-7 webpage). On this one day, the global mission of Young Life will be uniquely connected as one in prayer.

For 24 hours on October 6th we will be staffing the YL Pray 24-7 site and posting up-to-the-minute prayer requests. Your most urgent prayer needs will be instantly lifted-up around the world! 

Recalling the success of his first club meetings, Young Life founder Jim Rayburn once remarked:

I found out that across the street from the high school a group of elderly women had been meeting for six years, every Monday morning, getting down on their knees in the living room of dear old Mrs. Frasher’s … That was the thing the Lord used to start it.”

Since those first meetings, Young Life has grown exponentially. We now serve 1.7 million kids in 99 countries, with close to 70,000 staff and volunteers. Nevertheless, we are all part of the same body, and prayer is how we connect.

YL Pray 24-7’s vision is to carry on with the prayer focus that began in Mrs. Frasher’s living room. Our mission is to create and sustain constant, consistent, and perpetual prayer for our work of introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.

YL Pray 24-7 went live in March 2015. Staff, leaders, and committee members have had the opportunity to sign up once a week for 15 minute increments of prayer. Almost 2400 people around the globe have signed up to pray throughout the week! Our goal is to reach 6000 prayer team members by 2016.

We’d love even more leaders to participate—by signing up to pray, or by submitting a request from your area so you, your fellow leaders, your area kids and friends can be covered and encouraged in prayer.

It’s easy to join the team. Just visit pray.younglife.org. You will need your staff resources user name and password for this site. (If you need help, please call the help desk at 719.381.1929.) Submitting a request is just as easy. Click on “submit a request.” (Take a look at the submission guidelines first.) And if you’d like to share a God sighting of how the Lord is using the prayers of Young Life, click “share a story.”

Please add pray.younglife.org to your calendar on Tuesday, October 6 and join us by praying for your fellow leaders, staffers, friends and kids. You don’t have to be a member of the prayer team to participate, either. Just visit the site and submit your prayer requests. Think about getting with another leader or maybe your team and pray as a group.

It’s going to be a special day because we know that where two or three (thousand!) are gathered in prayer, God is a whisper away.

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