Turkey Club + Bacon Club= Turkey Bacon Club

November 14, 2013

Because it’s just not right to celebrate Thanksgiving without bacon.

Instead of our typical ‘Turkey Club’ around Thanksgiving, we’re switching it up and adding another meat item to the theme this year. Who doesn’t love bacon? Bacon is so trendy. Bacon is so 2013. 

Below are some Thanksgiving themed club ideas along with some Bacon Club ideas. Feel free to mix, match, steal and borrow. 

Bacon Club Ideas

These bacon ideas were submitted via Twitter by many of you including: Sean McGever, Terri Wilson, Jake Brown, Coop Cooper, and Noah Reynolds! 

Bacon Jenga

Cook lots of bacon and play an actual game of Jenga using bacon instead of wood blocks. 

Better With Bacon

Since “everything’s better with bacon” just have a contest to eat gross foods by adding bacon.

Bacon Aroma & Party Favors

Cook bacon for the club games in the club room right before club so there’s a strong bacon aroma as kids arrive. Can you smell it? Ahhhhhh. Also,everyone should get a piece of bacon to eat when they walk in the door. 

Bacon Face

Throw uncooked bacon at a partners face and see how many stick. You can also use the round bacon patties. Who doesn’t want to play a game called ‘Bacon Face?’  And who doesn’t want to say the phrase ’round bacon patty’ into a microphone?

The Sizzlin’ Mixer

Kids lineup on 1 side of the room, get on bellies
& sizzle to the other side of the room using no arms or legs.

Competition & Prizes

Hold a competition for who can bring in the awesomest bacon flavored food item. Give out ‘Baconators’ as the prizes for the games.

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Turkey Club Ideas

Terrible Thanksgiving Music Video 

Nicole Westbrook’s ‘It’s Thanksgiving.

Turkey Bowl

Lots of clubs/areas around the country hold an annual YL Turkey Bowl. It’s a fun tradition to start if you don’t do it yet. You can take it multiple directions, but it’s basically a football game with other Young Lifey add-ons. Making shirts is always a hit.  Creating competition between classes/teams helps. Kind of a Jr vs Sr powderpuff feel. 


No matter what you do, use the opportunity to teach kids to serve. Have kids bring can goods to the event. Serve together at a homeless shelter before club.  Put together Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes


Sean McGever at YLHelp.com posted some helpful thoughts about creating a YL tradition of thankfulness

Turkey Stuffing (Stolen from YLHelp.com)

Divide into teams. Give each person a balloon (the stuffing) and one large shirt or sweatshirt. Give them one minute to “prep” their turkey by blowing up the balloon and stuffing them in the shirt of one person on their team. When the time is up you have a sumo match. The last one standing wins.

Turkey Bowling 

Borrow ‘damaged’ bowling pins from a local alley. Drill finger holes into a 14-16lb frozen turkey.  Have 3 kids bowl a frame. You may want to put down cheap black plastic sheet (from any hardware store) for an alley. Also have someone at the end of the pins to catch the turkey or you may put a nice hole in a wall. Play chicken dance songs as background music or even a kid who hunts may be able to make turkey calls. Have folks ready to reset the pins.

Turkey Trophy 

You can make a turkey out of an old bowling ball (body) and pin (as the head). Use feathers and a red sock as a goblet and paint the ball with winners names. 

Turkey Head

Just a slight twist on the ol’ surgical glove on the head game, because it does look like a turkey. Get three volunteers to pull the glove over their head, just below their nose. When the music starts, they race to blow it up as big as they can. It can get huge!  Take pics.

If you have any other Thanksgiving ideas to share, please comment below and I’ll add them to the post. -Drew

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