The Newest iPhone App To Help Young Life Leaders: Timely

July 18, 2013

I don’t do things like this often, but I have to tell you about a new app my brother just created for iOS.  It’s called Timely and just launched last night.

Go download it now and then come back to finish reading so I can tell you how it’s going to make you a better Young Life leader. 

Time management isn’t easy to begin with, but especially when you’re leading Young Life. This is where Timely comes in handy. The app will audibly tell you the time or buzz in your pocket whenever you want it to. You can set on the hour, on the half hour, on the quarter hour, or any specific custom times

Let me tell you how it helps me.

Have you ever been eating lunch with someone and need to check the time but feel rude pulling out your phone? If I need to leave the lunch meeting at 1:30, I don’t have to look at my phone or set an alarm. With Timely I have my phone pre-set to buzz in my pocket every half hour between 10am-9pm. A simple quick buzz lets me know that it’s time for me to wrap up the conversation.

Also, I typically go to the high school for lunch on Mondays at noon. I need to leave my office by 11:45. I could set a reminder or calendar event, but then I get the notification I have to look at. Being ADD, I glance at my phone to see what the notification is. I notice someone commented on my Instagram photo, so I have to go reply. Then I go to “just reply really fast”, but I’m pretty behind on my insta-feed so I have to “just catch up really fast.” So, I spend the next 15 minutes scrolling through square pics of food, dogs, clouds and selfies. Then it’s almost too late for me to make it out to the high school. Whoops. 

With Timely you don’t have to look at your phone. It can stay in your pocket or purse and just tell you the time. You can set it so every Monday at 11:45 it audibly tells you ‘It’s eleven-forty-five.’ You don’t have to look at, or even touch, your phone. 

Would you do yourself a favor (and my brother one as well) and go get it right now in the App Store. He needs at least 1,000 people to download it today for it to get near the top 50. 

It’s only ninety-nine pennies right now for the launch sale. Soon, it’ll be going up to $2.99, so get it now. It’s worth it.

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