Hasselhoff To Lifeguard At Frontier Ranch

April 1, 2013
Hasselhoff on stage during a

Leader Skit at Frontier  in 1974.

Frontier Ranch recently announced the exciting news that David Hasselhoff has volunteered to serve as a 2nd session lifeguard this summer. He’ll be bringing his family to spend a month at the very camp where he first came as a club kid in 1972 and as a leader two years later. 

Camp Director Bart Scarborough has recruited an all-star assigned team to staff the July session at Frontier. Courtney Lancaster and Zach Kreeger will be doing program and hope to include a cameo of Hasselhoff in the opera. Jon Foreman (formerly of Switchfoot) is slated as special music.  Neil Harris has also volunteered as the camp doctor. 

There are still a few open slots for Work Crew and Summer Staff this session. If you would like to apply, click here

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