Download A Free 12-Week Mumford & Sons Campaigners Study

April 3, 2013

Abigail Julcher has written a twelve week Bible study based on Mumford and Sons freshman album, Sigh No More. Abigail is a student at Syracuse University, originally from the North Shore of Chicago where she led WyldLife and was a Young Life kid since 8th grade.  You can read more of her writings here or follow her on Twitter.

Abigail lays out each of the Campaigners lessons:

-lyrics to the song

-devotional thought

-related scripture

-questions for discussion

Download ‘The Mumford Devos’ here. 

*This Album from Mumford & Sons uses some vulgar language in the song ‘Little Lion Man.’ Offensive lyrics in that particular song have been changed for use in the devotional.

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