March 11, 2013

Today is the 2nd annual #myYLstory day. Share your story on Instagram and Twitter.

A re-post from March 2012.


Last March something crazy beautiful happened. The ‘Monday Morning’ email went out to all the YL staff/leaders and in it was a simple contest to win a travel hammock. In order to be entered, you simply needed to tweet your story of how YL has impacted your life and hashtag it #myYLstory.

As the day progressed, the 140 character testimonies came pouring in. It was like a camp ‘Say So’ on Twitter.

Depressed, self harming, lost, and alone. Went to Beyond and found belonging in Christ. Laid my burdens down. #myYLstory

Weird guy I didn’t know brought us all Burger King at a soccer game. Taught me about the real King and to take off my own crown. #myYLstory

I started a relationship with Jesus with my YL leader in a Starbucks parking lot. #myYLstory

Sports, relationships, awkwardness, lonliness, abuse, went finally to club, went to camp, found the Lord at club. He Lives in me. #myYLstory

1999: I meet my YL leader playing basketball at the YMCA. 2012: I play basketball at the YMCA with dudes every week.#myYLstory

Broken home, lost & confused. Frontier Ranch ’11 finally found my Savior and Family on WorkCrew #myYLstory

Smokers pit at windygap, fight @ club, kicked out often. #redeemed” Got hired! Now I share JC to kids just like I used 2 b! #myYLstory

Ashley met me in the cafe at HCHS, talked me into camp. 10 yrs ago I called her my YL leader. Today I call her my best friend. #myYLstory

My YL leader was the only one I let into my dark places in high school. She helped bring me out. Now I listen to and love HS girls. #myYLstory

Tried to fill a thirst I had for so long until my YL leader taught me Jesus is the living water. I will never thirst again. #myYLstory

If you aren’t on Twitter or didn’t have a chance to follow along last March, here’s a few more ‘twitter testimonies’ in video form:

If you are reading this in an RSS feed and are unable to view the video, here’s the direct YouTube link.

What’s your YL story? Share it in a comment below.

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