Campaigners Study on Philippians

January 23, 2013

Todd Pinkston and the folks in Richardson, TX run a helpful website for YL leaders called   

Todd recently posted a helpful seven week study on the book of Philippians that you can download here for free.

Todd writes, “This is a seven week study through the book of Philippians. It is designed for upperclassmen as a way to discuss good theology while working systematically through a book.

In this study, students will get a packet to work through the lessons prior to or during each study. They answer observation and interpretation questions, while being challenged to apply the timeless truths they learn into their lives.

The teacher gets a packet with an introduction to each lesson which provide definitions, commentary and other verses to incorporate. They also get answers to the questions in each lesson. In addition, there are audio tracks that a leader can listen to that provide more thoughts on each lesson and how to guide the study.”

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