This Game Is Straight Baller

November 29, 2012

A few weeks ago at our banquet we did a simple game that was visually hilarious. I thought it was worth passing along. 

It takes a little prep work, but the prep work could easily double as contact work. One of my favorite things Brian Summerall drills in leaders heads during his seminars is ‘to do whatever you’re doing to prep for club with kids.’ Then club prep doubles as contact work. It’s more work, but more value.  

See if you can borrow some football helmets. It’s a good excuse to go talk to the football coach or some players, and the helmets probably aren’t being used right now, unless your school is in the State Championship.  

Get some old laundry baskets and screw the basket to the helmet using the air holes in the helmets. Buy or borrow some inexpensive balls.  You could use some like the ones pictured here, but you could also use footballs or any kind of ball. Maybe different balls hold different point values.

You can figure out the rest of the game from the picture above. We had dads wearing the helmets and matching fabric ponchos while their kids shot the balls in the basket. 

Might even be good to save it for Superbowl Club coming up in a couple months? Or March Madness Club?

Have you done any new games this semester that are worth sharing? If so, please comment below or send us an email.

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