A Young Life Wedding Worth Sharing

November 2, 2012

Today’s post is written by Texas YL staffer and newlywed Kate Habicht Quinn.  I read it on the  Richardson YL Area Blog and thought it was so beautiful I asked Kate if I could share it on here.

After arriving home from our honeymoon Monday morning at 5am pretty tired, we knew we had to pep up because we had a wedding!!!That’s right, we re-did our wedding for our Young Life friends. We wanted them to be a part of our day and celebration- but there was no way we could invite that many kids to the wedding. (It was also Berkner’s homecoming dance the night of our wedding as well.) 

So last night, we re-did our ceremony for kids- Nate wore a tux and I got to wear my dress again!! We cut cake, threw the bouquet and had a giant dace party.It was such a fun night. These kids have been such a huge part of Nate and I’s story- as we fell in love doing Young Life together!We also wanted to re-do out wedding to share with our high school friends what Christ’s plan for marriage is. 

Todd, one of our best friends and co young life leaders, “officiated” the wedding. He also worked in a person of Christ story sharing about Jesus at a wedding turning water into wine. He talked about how God had the power to transform lives and redeem as evidenced by Nate and I. And that Nate and I will fail each other, but Christ never will. I think many kids know this (as seen in their own relationships and parents relationships) but maybe last night realized it for the first time. 

So many of these kids have never really seen a Godly man serve and love his wife sacrificially. So many of them have never seen a woman love and serve her husband sacrificially. Very few have seen that man and that woman in the same home. Todd talked about how we have all seen marriage fail, but reminded them that God’s love and His plans never fail. They never have in all of human history and they never will for all of eternity. Jesus can turn the “filthy water” in their life into the “good wine” that He promises. He is powerful, He is pursuing and He is faithful. 

Last night was one of the coolest things I’ve gotten to be a part of since I began doing Young Life. It was a special, special night.

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