Come Work With Us In NC: The Pilot Year Of The Greensboro Fellows Program

August 3, 2012

Would you like the opportunity to:

-Experience deep community and friendship after college? 

-Get experience working in the business world?

-Get experience working in a church?

-Get seminary/Biblical training?

-Get world renown Leadership training?

-Get to be a Young Life leader?

-Experience a Mission Trip to Africa?


Have you recently graduated college and seem to be wondering what this next year will look like?  We’re excited here in Greensboro, NC to offer an opportunity that might be what you’ve been waiting for.  This September we are launching the pilot year of the Greensboro Fellows Program.   


It is a 9-month discipleship program in which you will belong to a community of believers, study the bible together four times a week, begin an internship in your desired vocation, take classes each week in church history and apologetics, volunteer with a local ministry, and receive leadership development training.  Below is a simple breakdown of what a week in your life will look like:



Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning your day will begin with an hour of studying scripture with your peers.  On Tuesday nights we will have dinner together and listen to guest speakers tell their stories and unpack the Gospel.



Monday through Wednesday you will be networked into your field and build first-hand experience in your vocation through an internship.  Internships will be approximately 20 hours per week, and you will be placed with an organization and mentors that fits with your vocational goals.



For ten hours each week you will volunteer with a local campus ministry, church, or non-profit organization. This is where Young Life comes in!


Leadership Development

We are excited to have a partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) and offer a leadership development curriculum from an internationally-ranked organization.  Every Thursday evening we will meet at the center and work directly with their faculty on discovery of personal strengths, values, and desires; goal formation for our professional and personal lives; the formation of a life plan and strategy to realize our goals; and practical communication skills to represent ourselves and our Savior in every situation.  All of this training will be Gospel-centered and in light of our call as believers in Christ.


Classroom Training

On Thursday and Friday mornings we will meet in a classroom setting to learn from local pastors and teachers on Church History and Apologetics.  As we study Church History, we will take a look at all that has happened from Pentecost to the present and review the lives of some of Christianity’s greatest leaders.  During the Apologetics course we will learn what the Bible has to say about our origin, meaning, morality, and destiny.  We will also look at major worldviews of our day such as Islam, post-modernism, relativism, secular humanism, and the greatest challenges to the Christian faith as we receive training on how to respond biblically.


The Greensboro Fellows Program will begin September 10th and go through the end of May, 2013.  We will go on several trips during the year and end the program with mission trip to Africa in May.  During your stay in Greensboro you will live with a host family and enjoy community with other fellows and the local body of believers.  The cost of the program is $1,500 per semester ($3,000 total). You will get paid for your internship. 


We will receive applications through August 15th and they are available to be downloaded here.  If you’d like to take a closer look, email Tripp Graziano  or visit

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