Listen To Three Helpful 'Campaigners Weekend' Talks

July 17, 2012

I spent last week at Carolina Point, a new Young Life property currently under construction on the border of North and South Carolina.  We took our rising 12th grade guys on a four-day ‘ManTrip’ to help prepare them for their senior year. 

I’ll share more details about The ManTrip in a future post, but being at Carolina Point reminded me of some mp3s that impacted me last summer. 

Steve Gardner, a Regional Director for YL in Charlotte, NC, spoke at a Campaigners Weekend in 2009 at Carolina Point.  I ran across the recordings of his talks last summer and they were extremely helpful in preparing our Campaigners and seniors to be leaders during the school year. 

If you’re going to be leading a Campaigners group this upcoming school year, I highly recommend taking two hours to download and listen to Steve’s three talks. They are shared here with his permission. 

Carolina Point 2009 Campaigners Weekend

Talks by Steve Gardner

Saturday Morning

Saturday Night

Sunday Morning

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