Brian Summerall Podcast

April 12, 2012

Recently Dan Johnson interviewed Brian Summerall on  Brian is the Young Life Director for Ministry Strategy and a man full of wisdom and experience. 

The video podcast interview is worth your twenty minutes.  

Below are a few nuggets of wisdom I took from the podcast: 

-Shoot video/photos of school events. It’s a great excuse to be at the school and serves teams, coaches, parents, and kids when you share the pics and footage online.

-When you edit videos, do it with your high school friends. If you spend two hours editing video alone, that’s two hours you could have been doing contact work.

-When you show videos at club and post them on Facebook, the point isn’t to say, “Check out this cool video we edited.” The point is to communicate “Look at all the things we did together this week.”

-Give kids ownership. One simple way to do this is to have them help you design and pick out what the camp t-shirt should look like. Do it with them!

Thanks Dan and Brian!

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