March 6, 2012

Today, March 6, 2012, is set aside as a ‘Missionwide Day of Prayer for Young Life.’

Yesterday, March 5, was another significant day in our mission.

If you’re not on Twitter, you might have missed it, but something crazy beautiful happened. The ‘Monday Morning’ email went out to all the YL staff/leaders and in it was a simple contest to win a travel hammock. In order to be entered, you simply needed to tweet your story of how YL has impacted your life and hashtag the tweet with #myYLstory.

As the day progressed, the 140 character testimonies came pouring in. It was like a camp ‘Say So’ on Twitter.

Depressed, self harming, lost, and alone. Went to Beyond and found belonging in Christ. Laid my burdens down. #myYLstory

Weird guy I didn’t know brought us all Burger King at a soccer game. Taught me about the real King and to take off my own crown. #myYLstory

I started a relationship with Jesus with my YL leader in a Starbucks parking lot. #myYLstory

Sports, relationships, awkwardness, lonliness, abuse, went finally to club, went to camp, found the Lord at club. He Lives in me. #myYLstory

1999: I meet my YL leader playing basketball at the YMCA. 2012: I play basketball at the YMCA with dudes every week.#myYLstory

Broken home, lost & confused. Frontier Ranch ’11 finally found my Savior and Family on WorkCrew #myYLstory

Smokers pit at windygap, fight @ club, kicked out often. #redeemed” Got hired! Now I share JC to kids just like I used 2 b! #myYLstory

Ashley met me in the cafe at HCHS, talked me into camp. 10 yrs ago I called her my YL leader. Today I call her my best friend. #myYLstory

My YL leader was the only one I let into my dark places in high school. She helped bring me out. Now I listen to and love HS girls. #myYLstory

Tried to fill a thirst I had for so long until my YL leader taught me Jesus is the living water. I will never thirst again. #myYLstory

If you aren’t on Twitter or didn’t have a chance to follow along yesterday, here’s a few more ‘twitter testimonies’ in video form:

If you are reading this in an RSS feed and are unable to view the video, here’s the direct YouTube link.

If you’re not on Twitter, you can still follow the Twitter feed at YLTwitter.weebly.com

What’s your YL story? If you didn’t get a chance to share on Twitter yesterday, please leave your story in a comment below.

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