What If The Sexy Sax Man Were To Visit Your Young Life Club?

January 4, 2012

By now, most everyone with pupils has seen this “The Sexy Sax Man” viral YouTube video. But what does that have to do with Young Life?

Last semester I was talking with one of my high school friends and the conversation went kind of like this…

“Hey man, I know you pretty much run the school now, but honestly, have you always been this swag?”

“Nah, in middle school I used to be a band geek.”

“Really, seriously, you?, come on? What did you play?”

“The sax.”

“Were you any good?”

“Actually yeah I was. I haven’t played in a while, but I should pull it out and give it a go again.”

(At this point, the bright idea lights start flashing in my brain)

“Do you happen to know any George Michael songs, like maybe ‘Careless Whisper?'”

“No, but I could learn about anything.”

“Sweet! Go home, dust that thing off, and learn to play ‘Careless Whisper.’ Also, I need you to find a pair of black leather pants, some suspenders, a mullet wig, some Aviator shades and a mustache.”

“Drew, you’re freakin’ me out a little.”

“Have you ever seen the “Sexy Sax Man” video on YouTube?”

“Yeah, that’s hilarious.”

“You, my friend, are about to be famous. You are going to be ‘The Young Life Sexy Sax Man.’ One night during club we’re gonna randomly play 15 seconds of that YouTube video and then I want you to just walk out unannounced, all dressed up, playing your sax. You’ll do one lap around the room and then exit. We’ll continue club on like nothing happened. Planned randomness is a beautiful thing.”

“Man, I’d be honored to be the ‘Young Life Sexy Sax Man.’ Let’s do it!”

Here’s a rough video (shot with a sideways iPhone) showing how it turned out:

Remember, “creativity is just forgetting where you stole it from.” Hope this is an idea you can steal.

What YouTube videos have you used in club? Please comment below with any good links or ideas to share.

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