Foreign Exchange Student Video: Idiom-Of-The-Week

January 29, 2012

We have a German exchange student at our high school. He went to Young Life camp for the first time a few months ago and was blown away. After watching the program guys at camp, he opened up a ton and volunteered to be in a few skits at club.

Andy Thompson, a volunteer leader in Littleton, Colorado, recently submitted the viral video below (that many of you might have already seen) as an idea for YL clubs to replicate. After watching it, I knew that we had to get our German exchange student to film a similar video to show at club each week. We’re going to make it a tradition to have the “Young Life Idiom Of The Week.”

Maybe you don’t have a foreign exchange student, but could invent an exchange student type character as part of your run-on skit? Thanks for sharing the idea Andy!

Here’s a link to a more detailed explaination of how to take your Run-on to the next level.)

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