Club Schedule From Monday Night

September 21, 2011

I will post more details explaining the different elements below in the future, but wanted to go ahead and share with you our club schedule from this week. It’s funny how much we in Young Life cram into an hour.

We pass out copies of this schedule below to all leaders, senior leaders, AV guys, band members, and anyone else playing a role in club.


7:54- seniors form entrance tunnel

7:58- enter with Party Rock thru tunnel

8:01- Tonight Tonight (band)

8:04- Milk Crate Mixer(candy to winning team)

8:08- Rolling in the deep (band)

8:12-Thirty second dance party

8:13-Take a seat slide goes up

8:13-Club video of last year in review

8:18- Drew on stage for ‘fake’ announcements

8:18- Cotton eyed joe- Curly & Skwirley enter

8:20-Skippy Whiffleball (Slide w/ names)

8:24- Announcement Video (band comes up)

8:26-The Cave (band)

8:30-Free Fallin (band)

8:34- Sax Man video interupter

8:35- Christian plays sax

8:36-fall camp promo

8:40- Change Me (band)

8:43- Your Love is deep (band)

8:46- Zach intros drew

8:48- drew speaks

8:57- announcement slide

8:58-seniors head to back to pass out info

8:59-exit music

9:00- hang with kids/meet parents

9:30- post club team prayer

9:45- go home people

How does your weekly club schedule look different than this one?

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