How To Know Your High School Friends’ Hearts

August 2, 2011

As a follow up to yesterday’s letter from Pastor John, here’s an idea I learned this year from Megan, a leader on my Young Life team.

Megan is a kid magnet. She’s one of those artsy types that dresses funky, but pulls it off. Girls are attracted to her creativity and confidence. God wired her to be a Young Life leader.

In the fall Meg decided to use her artistic juices in campaigners. She bought supplies and spent a night creating and decorating journals. The “make your own journal” event became a catalyst to something super special. That night, the girls took the journals home and unashamedly wrote about their joys and struggles. Theyjournaledfor the next few days and brought them to club the next week, where they gave them to Megan to read. Megan was invited into their deepest places, but not just to read about them. Part of the deal was that she would write back to each girl in response to their journal entries, sharing her thoughts and pointing them to Christ. She returned the journals at the next campaigners and the exchange continued throughout the semester.

I wonder how the letter from John Piper impacted that teenager.
I wonder how Megan’s responses affected those girls.
I wonder if a dusty journal might get pulled off a shelf in fifteen years.
At just the right time.
As a reminder of God’s goodness when life doesn’t make sense.

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