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What Is Young Life

Welcoming & Initiating New Leaders

Introducing #YLFreshFriday

The Balancing Act: College Student & Young Life Leader

12 Commitments Of A Young Life Leader

Introducing the YL Pinterest Page

How To Be An Ineffective Young Life Leader 

You Might Be A YL Leader If…

Stuff Young Life Leaders Say


How to Run A Young Life Senior Meeting

Questions To Help Your YL Team Evaluate & Celebrate The Year 

The Reason For The Spring Slump

10 Ways To Give Kids Ownership At Club

Ingredients Of A Fun Pre-Club: What Happens From 7:27p-7:47p

123 Theme Club Ideas


What Content Songs Go With What YL Talks?

A Young Life Club Ipod Playlist

How to Give Unforgettable Club Announcements

Why So Many Freshmen Came

My Favorite Club Ever

A New Book from Ty Saltzgiver on Club Talks

Learn To Play Guitar Quick & Cheap

Club In A Minute: An Idea You Should Steal

A Baller New Content Song From Ed Cash

150+ Young Life Club Songs With Downloadable Chords & Slides 

Contact Work

7 People To Thank: The Notes YL Leaders Write as the Semester Ends

Young Life Leader’s Guide To Prom Season

Praying For Your Friends: Spring Break

Contact Work Cards

50 Contact Work Ideas

If I Could Write a Letter to Me 

Hello by Adele: Chords & Slides

The Young Life Leader Version of “Meet The Parents”

Right in the Middle 

How I Failed On The First Day

The Truth About Contact Work

Advice For Young Life Leaders From A High School Principal 

Contact Work Accountability Questions 

Poor Man’s Paintball 

The Most Important Text Message You’ll Send This Month 

How To Maximize Twitter As A Contact Work Tool 

No Shave November: How to Improve Contact Work with Facial Hair 

Lumberjack Week: Taking No-Shave November One Step Further

The Best Contact Work Ideas: Springtime Edition

Creative Summer Contact Work Ideas  

YL Pinterest Party 

Is YL Really For EVERY Kid?


Practicing Lent With Campaigners

Creating A Campaigners Group In 5 Months

Get Real. Go Deep. 75 Questions To Help Kids Open Up

Listen To 3 Talks From Steve Gardner At A Campaigners Weekend 

40 Reasons To Pursue Sexual Purity 

The Lies We Believe: A Campaigner Discussion

How To Take Your Campaigners Group Deeper

A Powerful Way To Celebrate Graduating Seniors


Camp Survival Guide for New Leaders

Why Kids Don’t Go To Camp: My Friends Aren’t Going

Why Kids Don’t Go To Camp: 10 Best Fundraisers for Camp

Why Kids Don’t Go To Camp: 7 Keys to Interacting with Parents

Why Kids Don’t Go To Camp: How to Navigate Schedule Conflicts

Why Kids Don’t Go To Camp: How to Navigate the Fear of the Unknown

How To Get Kids To Camp

The Complete Guide To A YL’d Bus Ride  

My Favorite Summer Camp Idea

I Lost Control 

What I Learned As A New Leader At Camp

Say-So Videos  

The Danger of Preying

How To Create Camp T-Shirts Kids Will Love To Wear

It’s Time To Design Young Life Shirts For Your School

A Letter To YL Leaders Who Helped Your Friends Fund Raise For Camp    


#MyYLStory (popular YL tweet testimonies)

When Leaders Cry

Who’s Your Eric

Guest Post from a High School Senior

Goose Eggs

How Spring Break Broke My Heart

Learning To Lead 



When Young Life Leaders Say Goodbye

10 Helpful iPhone Apps For Young Life Leaders

#YLShirtDay Starring You

Keith Baker’s T-Shirt Project


8 Things Every YL Leader Needs To Do Before Club Starts

Questions We Need To Be Asking

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